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We’re known in Utah for being fast & accurate

Services tailored for attorneys and legal services providers.

Our high quality professional legal services are well known to our clients. We know what we’re doing and get the job done quickly and effectively.

Are you outside of Utah looking for the right agency to just take care of business for you? That’s us. We have clients throughout the nation who use ICU for process service in Utah.

Although process service is what we do, investigators are who we are. We don’t just knock on doors and hope for the best. We take action. We check with neighbors, note vehicle licenses, and much more. Go to our Price by City page to check the price to serve papers in any city or town in Utah. Nationwide service is also available.


Online job management

Review your current and past job histories and photos

For our high volume clients we offer the ability for you to review your jobs online. You can review attempt histories and photos as well as reprint proofs.

Credit & Collection legal services

Do you need to serve 25 or more papers a month?

We meet the needs of high volume clients. Our standards don’t go down with high volume. You can take advantage of our high quality investigation process service and save on costs, too.

Our volume discount pricing is for those who need 25 or more services per month. Contact us to discuss your needs and options.

Security standards compliance

We meet or exceed collection industry standards

ICU Investigations has always considered security a high priority. We are credit and collection industry compliant.

Articles and news

Legal services in Utah

Like you don’t already have enough to read? Keep up to date with the legal services industry in Utah. Also, at the bottom of every page are the RSS news feeds from all the legal services industry leaders.

HQ Office

ICU Investigations, LLC
250 N Red Cliffs Drive #4B-275
St. George, UT 84790

Utah Agency Lic. Number G100910
EIN – 90-0546546
Review and download our W9

Please return all original proofs of service and remittance checks to our HQ address.

Primary contact phone numbers

435‑986‑1200 ‑ Office  | 435‑986‑1825 ‑ fax

After hours.
801‑400-5141 or 435‑703‑7402

Our goal is 100% absolute client satisfaction.

We are working hard to meet the needs of our clients. If you have an idea or suggestion we want to hear about it.

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Please take just a moment to give us your feedback on the most recent job we did for you. A coupon for 10% off your next process service in Utah will be automatically emailed.