Become a process server

Our field agents are licensed private investigatrors.

We serve legal documents throughout the state of Utah. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you get you PI license and become a field agent serving papers.

ICU field agents are professionals

Let’s strive for excellence, not perfection.

Communication is the key, of course. Without it we have nothing. With it we can have everything. But of course where we fail to reach our full potential can often be brought back to a lack of clear communication about the important things. Sure, serving papers is just a way to make a buck driving around to deliver some papers. Done right, just like anything worth doing is rarely easy and often difficult. We hope to make your life easier with the way we do business and our professionalism.


Articles and news

To the right you will see the categories and posts. These are the on going policy, procedure, information and best practices for ICU field agents. As professional process servers the best practice is to keep up on the legal services industry and integrate the information.

You can search for an article by its tags, name or by category. I suspect we’ll see a lot more stuff coming through real soon.

Home office address

All US mail, Fedex or UPS goes here.

ICU Investigations, LLC
250 N Red Cliffs Dr. #4B-275
St. George, UT 84790

Primary contact phone numbers

435‑986‑1200 ‑ Office  | 435‑986‑1825 ‑ fax
801‑400‑5141 ‑ Ronda Godard  | 435‑703‑7402 ‑ Mike Currie

The office is staffed daily. We take calls 24/7.
Please call if there is any question about a process service we have sent to you.

Contractor Information

Responsibilities and obligations

As a contracted field agent you have signed a contract with us to perform as a professional. Our desire is to help you in every way we can to have success as an ICU contractor.

Primarily you will be acting as a process sever investigator. The investigations part comes in when finding people to get them served. Please keep up to date with new new posts…

We know you are out there working hard to get papers served. Thank you.

Tools of the Trade


IMPORTANT – Utah State law requires you to wear identification that you are a process server. A typical trade show lanyard and clear plastic holder with a business card or your PI license will do. Don’t wear a badge, you are not in law enforcement.

Pens. Blue is best.

You need to fill in the “Date/Time/Who/By/License” stamp on every service. Fill in the details prior to getting out of your car. It is more difficult while the person you are serving is standing there. Also, start filling in the details on the Field Sheet(FS) prior to exiting your car.

White out ink cover up

You may need to white out the info you filled in on the “Date/Time/Who/By/Lic” stamp from a previous attempt.You may need to white out the info you filled in on the “Date/Time/Who/By/Lic” stamp from a previous attempt.

Scotch tape, for postings. Do not use duct tape

Attach the posting in a conspicuous place. Front door, window or garage door. Take a photo!

Current “Date/Time/Who/By/Lic” stamp.

Utah State law requires this information to be completed on the top page of the service documents. Example

Bright flash light for night serves

You’ll be happy you have one for serving at night. Addresses and street signs are hard to see in the dark.

Camera with GPS tagging (use Android phone or Iphone)

Many services require you to take a photo of the building with the address in view with complete GPS data on every attempt. Best GPS Camera App

“Did you know” cards

On the rare ocassion that you run into a less than cooperative subject, the “Did You Know” card is available for you to hand out when needed.

did you know card