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We find people in Utah to get them served.

Private Investigation services tailored to finding subjects.

Our private investigation services are tailored to finding subjects to get them served. We have excellent access to Utah records and are often able to find subjects who have fallen off the grid or are purposely avoiding.

Investigation Services Agreement

ICU private investigation surveillance a female spy with headphones and camera with zoom lens

We do the work of tracking them down and getting them served. Our field agents know what to look for and who to talk to. We’ll check with neighbors, note vehicles and vary our attempt times and days.

We’ll get it done. Our field agents are available for surveillance and/or ambush assignments. Often, subjects are found and served prior to entering a court room for an appearance.

We know the legal services business in Utah. Our decade of experience and our many, many satisfied clients confirms that we get the job done! Join those who have benefited from what we do.

Civil Process Service

Serve any document, anywhere. Utah and Nationwide.


Each of our field servers is a licensed Utah PI. All are trained to perform as a process server and they are often able to serve a paper when others could not. Our field servers are everywhere and serve papers in every Utah city.

Starting at $65Price by City

Surveillance / wait time / ambush serve

This is the real work of a process server. Wait, watch, go!


Do we need to wait and ambush the subject to get them served? Possibly at court or at work? Our field agents are ready to perform surveillance and wait to ambush subjects. We are experienced and can also include video footage and photos.

Starting at $75 per hour

Utah basic skip trace / locate

Is your subject hard to find?


Our field agents are fully supported in their efforts to find subjects by our top notch support staff. Our access to Utah state databases and other data sources allow us to find the most difficult subject.

Starting at $35

Utah advanced skip trace / locate

We dig deep into Utah to locate evading subjects.


We make calls to relatives, access social profiles and look at arrest records. Full reporting included and kept secure on our SSL encrypted cloud.

Starting at $65

Nationwide basic skip trace / locate

Has your subject left Utah?


The next step in the search for a subject expands the search area to nationwide. We will take a look at national databases and access much more information on the subject. Send us an email to begin the process.

Starting at $95

Nationwide advanced skip trace / locate

They are gone and can’t be found.


Even more extensive nationwide searches are available. Prices vary for extensive searches on difficult to find people.

Starting at $195

Document filing at any Utah court.

8 court districts covering 29 counties + small claims courts.


We go to them all! We know the court system in Utah. Each county has its own way of doing things and we know how to work with ins & outs of various court systems.

Starting at $65

Document retrieval at any Utah court.

Go to court, again. Now to collect court records.


Need to know filing dates and case numbers? We have online access to the Utah civil and criminal database. Complete case histories available. Send us an email of what you need and we’ll make it happen.

Starting at $65 plus court filing or copy fees

Supervised Visitation

There is no other service like ours in Utah.

Our Visit Supervisors are licensed, trained private investigators. You visit your kids at a place that you decide. Our supervisor comes to you. We don’t have a building or other facility. We co-ordinate the visit with both parents and then meet at a mutually agreed place and time. Staggered pick-up and drop-off times are easily accommodated.

Rates start as low as $45 per hour for up to 2 kids

Photo/video record

Photo record of attempts with GPS now available.

ICU private investigation surveillance

As part of our security standards we now make available a photo record of attempts of subjects at abodes. Photos are available to view when you are registered and logged in to your account. Let us know if you need photos.

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Utah State approved vendor

Process server contract #MA534

Utah counties and court districts map

We are a Utah State approved vendor to serve process for the ORS (Office of Recovery Services) and the Office of the Attorney General (AG) in 10 Utah counties.

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